Saturday, September 25, 2021

Holdem, Get Some Money without Losing Yours Part 3


More talent than I have

First, a humor break with my new tongue in cheek joke: ...don't be afraid of the Monster Under the Bed. You do not want to wake the Monster in the Closet.

Player Mistakes, theirs and ours.

So, what about your game? I can tell you a few things going on in your game. When I look at the Players, I know without a doubt each Player can beat you. I also know without a doubt, you can beat each Player. Everything gets more complicated when it is the table playing against you. This pulls our thoughts all out of context and into the alternative poker zone.

Probably not as transparent or easy to see is this: If you are not winning more than you are losing over sessions, you are playing incorrectly for your game. Start playing correctly by observing Players individually. In the movie, "Rounders", Mike McDermott say's, "Listen, here's the thing. If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker." Don't be the Sucker.

That thought is pretty harsh, probably said in the movie for effect, but it is also so, so true. No one at Low Limits plays consistently well, even you and I. If they did, they would not be playing Low Limit Holdem. Each Moron, idiot, brain dead husk, or zombie Player at the table with you is smart enough to make enough money to meet their basic needs and play poker. They also will take our money if we let them. I think that puts them in the top 50% of the Human brain pool. Play cautious and be respectful. When you make the final table at the WSOP, you can call them Idiots and Morons.

What each Player in your game has, is flaw(s) you can take advantage of. How many of these Players fold post flop to a smallish bet after checking? Dead Money that could belong to you. How may Players over protect their hands when they should have folded? Dead Money for you. Which Players are playing more passive/aggressive than they should be? Snap 'em off. Over defend their blinds <- really dumb play. Take their Chips.

The list of Player error income sources is long, from fancy play syndrome to over betting or over protecting hands, to silly tells and sillier false tells. One thing is for sure, everyone at a Low Limit Table is making mistakes as they play. Even you and I. WE have to make less mistakes than they do.

As example, is hand odds. Hand odds tell you, what the odds are of making your hand by the River. Take a flush draw for instance, where you are about 4.5:1 to making a Flush by the River.

Because the pot size in a looser games can easily give you 5:1 or better odds, it seems a good idea to take advantage of getting in on the cheap. Let's call the flop too, it's cheap. On the Turn, you have a Four Flush, but someone raised the flop knocking the heck out the hand to pot odds. Instead of there being dead money in the pot over the hand odds, now calling the Turn is even money at best. When the Turn misses us. Well, we know how that goes and how it feels. Straights and Flushes are Greyhound Buses, yeh, but we have an ID10T error.

So that is probably one of the most overused example I know of. More likely is someone hammers the turn with a half pot raise and you have a four card nut flush draw with top pair. That seems more of a real life problem. You could make the flush, trips, or top two pair. Pretty enticing to call a raise on, its a strong hand. Also a pretty smooth way to get broke. Be strong, not stupid. Know your Players.

What kind of Player made the raise? Generally at low limits, a Player who is hit hard by the flop, panics and raises big on the Turn to, "Protect their Hand". Protect their hand from what?? Then again maybe it is a bluff raise. Three players in the hand all fold before you. Follow their lead. If you haven't been paying attention, they have. It's a real raise from a made hand. Next hand.

Well, that's a lot of blah, blah for something you already know. I know it too, but it is so hard to lay down such a pretty hand to some pea brain moron who bets too much. It all comes down to watching and learning Players play. How many Players like to raise, and how many like to fold. Which of those Players do you want to tangle with? Which Players do you know have lower hand standards than yours? Which Players should you stay away from if you like your chips?

All rolled up into a stinky ball of #*&^$% , it all comes down to the Same Issue. Holdem is both complex and boring! It is easier to get distracted and daydream. When I see a player looking tired with three or more buy-ins in front of him or her, I am inspired. I can find myself drifting away after the first round. Look fold, look fold, gets old.

After the first round of watching, I still have no real clue if the other players behavior is card inspired, or that is how they play. Watch another round, more is better. Better Holdem Play is the fix for winning. I am sure we are not yet ready for the WSOP. That level play is massive work and experience in action.

The more work we do now, the less work there may be later. Start putting in the work and paying more attention. You may find you have extra money to spend when it is time to go out and play away from the table. As on the title of Annie Duke's book says, "Decide to Play Great Poker". I know we all can play poor poker, it's easy, just watch the final WSOP table, piece of cake, yeh, you betcha.

Week after week after week, Slot Machine Players, go All In. They are used to it. They generally go home broke. Remember, there is no Poker rule that you must go All In, even if you have over half your buy-in in this one pot. a Second Best hand is second best, all in or not. Fifteen seconds after you lose the hand and leave the table, no one at the table will care, but you will be busy beating yourself up on your play. Be a thinking player and not a reacting player to quit beating up on yourself. Other players will do that for you, some for little or no charge.

Those Monsters are are under the bed and in the closet because of lack of information. Not paying attention, not working the hand through. Did this Player just come alive, or are they generally active. Pay attention, know your Players, fold more and you will forget about the Monsters.

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