Thursday, September 9, 2021

Captain of Your Ship


Ship Captain's have enormous responsibility. From a high level, they are responsible for the well being of the Ship, Crew, Passengers or Cargo, sometimes all at once. Ship Captains need to focus on their plan, make the best decisions they are able to, follow through, and manage small problems (life's speed bumps) along the way.

We are "Captains" of our own ships. From the time we are born we can think of ourselves of leaving the safety of the harbor and moving out to sea to an unknown destination.

We learn the skills we need to learn to get through our early to teen years. We want to be a Fireman, Policeman, Doctor, Lawyer, Mom or Dad. We want to go to college, be in a band, and live on Mars.

However, our choices and our decisions sometimes get in the way of what we want. For example, joining a circus and being a sports star. These both may be achievable, but each will take tremendous energy and planning to be successful. Most likely one of our dreams will need to defer to the other.

If we want to be in a circus, you may have to reduce your baseball stardom dreams to playing baseball during the off season for a local league, or on a day off with other circus members who enjoy playing baseball too.

On a bigger scale, changing what we think we want from week to week leads us to confusion and frustration. The universe cannot immediately change everything every time we change our mind and direction. When we are young and in school, this is not a problem. Being young and in school is the time of our life when we are supposed to be trying new things and exploring new dreams.

When we hit our late teens to twenties, things become a little more difficult. Our dreams should start converging on our chosen life path. Our dreams usually start to converge. This way we are most successful. Going to college is a good example of converging dreams.

When you enter college, you are required to take almost two years of basic classes whether you have an interest in those subjects or not. The reason for this is two fold. First, you are exposed to different areas of what really are areas of life. Psychology, Biology, Math, English and Foreign Language are all parts of life.

You may not have had any idea you enjoy culture or music or fine art until you are forced to take a class in one of these subjects. You may find you are a natural at Biology, Math, Physics or Chemistry. These are all areas of life you never really noticed until you took a class in them.

Let's pretend you have all your basic classes out of the way and you start working on what you want to major in and graduate with a degree in. Pretend for a moment, you love history and pick history as your major. You take your first classes in history, it is Europe in the middle ages and modern world history. You get through the classes and you take another history class. This class is on Japan and the far east from the 1700's to present. Wow, you really like the culture and thinking of some Asian countries you are studying and want to know more.

You find your college has foreign language classes for Japanese. The Japanese language class encompasses Japanese culture too. While in the class you fall in love with Japanese pottery or woodworking. You decide that is what you really want to do.

Now there is no class on Japanese pottery, but there are classes on pottery. So you take a class. In the class, you find you love a certain pottery style and glazing technique that is common among a people from South America.

I think you get the idea. Life tends to work the same way. You have been going with the flow, no real direction, doing whatever life offers you. You wake up one day, and decide you want to be a Nurse or a Jockey. You are sure you really want to do this.

Suddenly the Universe has to change itself to meet your new wants. Instead of presenting you with a variety of random events, the Universe now has to reconfigure itself to your new dreams, becoming a Nurse or Jockey. If your dream of becoming a Nurse is strong enough, the Universe will mold and congeal itself to make your Nursing dream happen as well as it can.

If a year from starting, you decide you want to be a comedian, your Universe slowly grinds to a halt, and sets up for your new life direction for being a Comedian. Change your mind again, and the Universe once again slowly grinds to a halt and starts to match your new ambition. Get married, have Kids, move around the world, and it is all rinse and repeat for your Universe.

Change is good. Change keeps the world fresh and exciting. Think about a more drastic life choice and how the Universe works with it. You quit high school to join a Gang. You are a successful thug and quickly move up the ranks in your Gang Life world.

One day you wake up to an epiphany in the form of a dream. You realize you are hurting people, and now you want to help people. You want to become some type of Social Worker or Counselor. Yep, that's what your going to do.

Your whole life is wrapped up in gang life, but you press on with pride, decide to drop out of the Gang and start your new life together as a normal citizen.

Your Universe shudders and slows. Much of what it has been doing to make your Gang Life successful is no longer usable for you. You have about twenty percent of your Gang Life that can help you in your new life direction change and about sixty percent of your Gang Life that is no longer healthy for your new life direction.

You are going to go through some very serious, life speed bumps, and there is a high probability you may not survive to the other end alive. But your Universe starts making the changes you need to make your new dream happen.

When it comes to your life dreams, there are a couple truths. The longer you hold onto your current dream or float along, the more your world changes to keep that dream real. You can not expect your world to stop and change course every time you change your mind. What has been done has to run its course.

No, you are not locked into your life and you can change your life up at any time. What you have to expect is as your world starts to change to make your new life, what was created for your old life will run its course.

Depending on how focused you were on what you were doing, life changes can take some time, and force you to make hard decisions. Follow your dreams, and follow your goals and you will get there. For some people, it may take longer than others, but you can get there.

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