Friday, July 16, 2021

Stranger at the Door Danger Verses Reality

This year I joined an online neighborhood website. The kind of site that keeps you informed about what is going on in your neighborhood. Some of the information and posts by neighbors are very good, and some well...

One certain type of post bothers me a lot. These types of posts are all about the same in content and their ability to spread fear. A "neighbor" posts about a suspicious Car, Pickup Truck or Van idling or driving through the neighborhood two or more times.

Sometimes there are individuals who are going door to door to, "case" houses or run some sort of scam. They all end about the same way with the same vague description of a a white van, red car, black truck, one or two people walking and "looking" suspicious.

In short, these posts are high on fear and short on any real fact. No one has talked to these people, or asked if they need something. The Poster(s) are always sure they are here to break into their house an steal everything. A few days go by and another post of the same type appears.

The fact is, these people are living a Fear Based Life, and they fail to take common sense and common facts into consideration. People get lost driving or walking. Some people are selling Door to Door, and that is how they make their living. Others were given a false address. 


Anyone looking to break-in a home will probably not look the part. A very few people are looking for a house to break into, to steal whatever is worth stealing. Before you let yourself go down this road of paranoia, look at things from a high level.

Do you have insurance to replace your possessions? Do you have good relationships with your neighbors and do you look out for each other? Are strange people and vehicles around your house a part of your neighborhood? How many people do you personally know who have had trouble with someone who knocked on the door?

The answers to the above questions should be, yes, yes, no, and zero. If you do not have insurance, why not? Are your things not worth insuring? If you do not know your neighbors, why not? Effective neighborhood watches are the best deterrents to home crime. If you really know someone who knows someone who had trouble with someone at a front door, you are a rare individual.

Homes and apartments are robbed every day. But it will be a really rare event that your home or apartment is robbed. In the event someone knocks on your door and you do not recognize them through the peephole, saying, "Not interested, please leave" through the locked door, will usually suffice.

If you are not comfortable talking through the door, turn up your television or make some noise so the person at the door, knows someone is home, but they are not going to open the door. Many people tend to get quiet, but being quiet sounds the same as not being home. You do not want to be part of a home invasion because a stranger kicked in the door thinking you were not at home.

Take pictures of your possessions and send them to the cloud. Same with pictures of your receipts for your things. Do not keep cash or small valuables laying around. But most of all, do not allow yourself to fall into a fear based life.

As for Security Camera's, in most cases after a break-in, you will file a Police Report and file an Insurance Claim for stolen property. In the real world, and not the "Fear Based World", home break-ins and personal property theft are really low on the Police totem pole of importance. Police, Prosecutors and Criminals know these are revolving jail door crimes.

Life is full of risk. Every day you risk death by simply being alive. Celebrate being alive, and let the rest of life take care of itself. Let people living a fear based life, live their life without you.


I do or did know two people who's apartments had been broken into to commit robbery. One had a $5,000.00 bicycle he rode back an forth to work every day. He had moved into a new apartment where he didn't know anyone. After about a month, he had to leave town for a few days for business. Only one item was stolen from his apartment.

The second person I knew came home from work one day to find most of his possessions piled on a sheet in the center of his living room. There was a scrawled note on top of the pile of his things. "There is nothing here worth stealing" was written on the piece of paper.

Your house or apartment is only one of several around you. Everyone living around you has about the same possessions you do. Unless you are in habit of leaving an, "I'm not home" sign on your door, or you leave your door unlocked, your chances of having a break-in are about the same as all your neighbors chances of having a break-in. There is safety in numbers.

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