Monday, July 12, 2021

Solus 4.3 Fortitude Budgie on a USB Stick


This is a real quick blip about the newest Solus Linux. I downloaded and installed Solus 4.3 Fortitude Budgie to a USB. This is a just released version. I had installed and used Solus Linux in the past, but it always seemed a little rough around the edges to me, so it never lasted long on my hard drive. This version seems to be well polished and snappy running from a USB stick. It should scream installed on a hard drive.

This is not the default screen shot (first photo), or on the SolusLinux Homepage. I pulled this from the Background in the setting manager. I also changed the default dark settings, for me black is not a good fit for a desktop.

This is a shot of memory usage, using the "free" command from the command line. This is a big improvement over the previous version of Solus Linux Budgie, so this memory use drop is a big plus.

 This is a screenshot of the Software Center. Solus Linux Default is well stocked for my needs, but as you can see, there are enough separate categories of Software to meet almost anyone's needs.

I may install Solus Budgie at a later date. It is after midnight now, and not a good time to be playing with disks and Linux installs. In closing, if you have looked at Solus Linux before and were not impressed, you may wish to give Solus 4.3 Fortitude a go. It comes in Budgie, Gnome, Mate and Plasma, so there is a desktop for you in the mix.

Solus Linux in past versions was a well thought of, solid Linux Distribution, and I do not expect this version to be any different. Of course there may be a few minor glitches in the first weeks, but those are usually squashed rather quickly. In my short time running live, everything worked as planned.

I also checked out the Solus Linux Forum, and there have been some big changes there too since a year or so ago, when I used Solus Linux. The forums appear to be much friendlier and open to newer users. In the past, I found the Solus Forums rather blunt, verging on gruff. I think this time around Solus Linux will be a big hit, and all users will be happy they tried Solus Linux out and completed an Install.

If after further use from the live version, and free time at a reasonable daytime hour, and my opinions do not change, Solus 4.3 Fortitude Budgie may find a place on my hard drive. If or when it does, after some use, I will post a followup. In the moment though, I am excited by what I see.

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