Friday, July 2, 2021

Hacking Casino Craps Machine Budget Style


Let's be honest for a moment. All electronic games in a casino are ran by servers sitting in a back room in a casino. The outcome of any slot machine game is determined before the button is even pushed. Casino's may as well install a new window in the cashiers cage called the, "How Did I Do Window"

With the “How Did I Do Window”, gamblers could save themselves an enormous amount of time and emotions by going to the, “How Did I Do Window” and not touching any slot machine. For example, walk up to the “How Did I Do Window”, hand the Cashier your money and pick a machine you would have played, "$40.00 on machine 73a". The Cashier could input the information into her computer, and say, "You won $167.00, you lost $187.00, you owe $20.00.

That would be so much simpler than the waste of energy and emotions currently employed when gambling. Slot machine players tracing designs, making crosses and doing who knows what on a slot machine screen, thinking it will make a difference if only they do everything right.

Then there is the Craps Machine which has physical dice. The player can not touch the dice. The player does have control of their own bets, if they bet and how much. If they are the "Shooter", the dice are rolled by pressing a button during a brief period of time.

I have heard players claim the Craps Machine Dice and the Bouncing Surface have magnets to control the dice. I have heard people say, a server in the back room computes the odds and determines what number on the dice will be rolled by some undisclosed method. I have heard the dice are changed out nightly, so each day the number patterns are different.

I have also heard the same claims about physical Craps Tables. I do not think I have ever heard, "many players play a sub optimal to horrible game when betting their numbers". The truth is, there is no beatable Casino game in the long run. Math doesn't lie, and all the math on every game gives the house an edge.

The older, more popular Craps Machines have a pair of dice in a cone in the middle of the machine. The shooter is selected by clockwise movement. When it is your turn to be the shooter, you can then manipulate the play.

On the screen, the label, "YOU ARE THE SHOOTER" appears, and a recorded, "Push the Button" plays over the speakers. You have twenty seconds to push the button and 'roll' the dice. So when should the button be pushed is the question at hand.

If you push the button as soon as you can? What numbers tend to roll? If you push the button at intervals of two seconds, one second gaps between rolls, or when exactly seven seconds remain? The choice of when you push the button, may have an effect on what numbers tend to roll, check it out.

If you read about or play craps, you know the most thrown rolls over time are 6,7,8 with seven the most common roll. This is known through the combinations of numbers needed to produce a 6,7,8. For example a seven can be made with a 6,1, 5,2, 4,3. Six can be thrown with 5,1, 4,2, 3,3. Six or Eight have less combinations than seven. Five and nine, and four and ten even less. The middle of the craps table does not offer those odds because the numbers are frequent.

I prefer two simple systems when playing the Craps Machine. One is the 6/8 Hedge. The second system is generally known as the 321 System. What is great about these systems is they are cheap, simple, and they compliment each other. Generally, no matter the table state, one system outperforms the other.

With the 6/8 Hedge, you play the don't pass and the six and eight only. Using the, 321 System, you bet on the inside numbers with a larger odds bet if the point is one of the inside numbers.

I occasionally modify both systems starting with the come-out roll. I like to bet the seven, craps and eleven if the table is choppy. If the table is not choppy, I bet craps and eleven. Of course this can increase the speed of how fast your bankroll diminishes. I also occasionally don't bet the four and ten if they have just rolled on a choppy table, and skip betting on an inside number if it simply is not hitting.

You should be attentive to how the dice are rolling. If the table is choppy, with a seven every third or fourth roll and/or a lot of craps numbers, the six eight hedge is best. If the table is rolling well, with a seven every six plus rolls, the 321 System" rules.

I prefer to take down my bets after the third roll on a choppy table or fourth roll on a smooth table. Hopefully I have hit one of more of my numbers. This gets boring, but protects your bankroll. I prefer bankroll over excitement. Speaking of bankroll, if you play, ensure you have enough cash. There is no better way to lose than playing with scared money.

Most of my profit, when there is a profit comes from seven, craps or eleven on the come out roll. Come out bets if not placed wisely are also the source of the biggest losses. Almost balanced betting on the come-out roll is key. After the come-out roll, never bet against six or eight, if you want to keep your money.

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