Friday, July 9, 2021

Fear Mongering in America, News and Alt Right/Alt Left Rhetoric


Fear mongering is America Media's new idea of life as seen, read, and heard through most media outlets. The violence of your favorite action movies has moved off the screen into news, talk radio and media conversation. Just yesterday in conversation, I listened to blow by blow shootings in cities in five different states. Details about the senseless violence all ended with the idea that, "No place is safe any more".

As I was listening, it reminded me of the days of McCarthyism from my childhood. US Senator Joseph McCarthy whipped America into a frenzy of fear and distrust of strangers and your neighbors with visions of communism and socialism coming to a house near you. People were scared to talk with one another for their friend or neighbor may report them for something they did or did not say. People whispered to there spouses, and talked sports to friends and non family.

No one dared give a public opinion for fear their opinion would be reported and they would come under scrutiny, have their life and choices questioned, and perhaps face questioning or a a trial. The main targets of McCarthyism were the types of people who are in the media today, Celebrities, Government Employees, Academics, and the general public. Nothing said or done was off limits.

In the last years, the unfounded fear of violence has taken on a new persona, Black Lives Matter, and the far left and right "extremists" are harbingers of death and destruction. Generally anyone with a different opinion or possibly a gun is suspect. The media has found it easier to sit in the office and churn stories about national and local violence than going out to find real news to report on. After all, what has more effect, blood splattered walls, bodies in the street or a new program a local business is starting to bring the community together?

No one living anywhere, with a few exceptions has ever been really, "Safe". Disease, Infection, Natural Disaster, Insects and Animals, all have done their part to take a toll on otherwise healthy life. Choking, Cuts, Broken Bones, Bad Teeth, personal and vehicle Accidents, Plane Crashes, walking under ladders or construction sites, all can be lethal.

Car crashes, drunk drivers, road rage, and insanity have replaced causes of death that were common one-hundred years ago when there were no antibiotics, and any injury could be life threatening due to infections. If anyone wishes for a safe life, like they had, "In the Good old Days", they need to un-filter selective memories and remember the world as it really was.

Modern causes of death in recent decades past were continuous wars, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, Middle East Wars, the list goes on and on. Where there was no a war being fought, many areas of the world suffered through starvation and genocide and still do. Life has never been safe. We live until we die. Make better choices and hopefully live longer. The keyword is, "Live". Whether you live in a prison of your own making or live life on the wild side, there is one equalizer, everyone of us will die of something. Grow a pair and get on with living!

Here are some links for further reading. I found the article, "Media Fear Tactics" especially interesting. There is a blip from each article below the link.


"Fearmongering or scaremongering is a form of manipulation which causes fear by using exaggerated rumors of impending danger."

Are we living in the new Red Scare?

"My point is not simply to highlight the fact that America has done bad things in the past. Rather, I want to emphasize that media outlets are portraying China in a manner akin to the red scare"

Mass Media, Crime, and the Discourse of Fear

"As one vice president of several local stations pointed out, “covering crime is the easiest, fastest, cheapest, most efficient kind of news coverage for TV stations. News directors and station owners love crime.”"

Media Fear Tactics

"It would be interesting if the standards of Truth in Advertising were applied to television news as they sometimes are to television commercials. In that unlikely situation, TV news writers would be required to use phrases and words that convey accurate information – as opposed to the phrases and words they use today."

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