Thursday, July 22, 2021

Covenants, Brain Virus' and Racism


Covenant: A property covenant is an agreement between two or more parties regarding certain use of a piece of real property. The covenant will either benefit or burden the landowner. A covenant that burdens the landowner is also called a restrictive covenant.

In plain English, if you own a piece of property there is a document named a Covenant that tells you what you can and can not do with the property. Put up fences, trees, ponds, even how many related and not related people can live there, and lets not forget pets. Covenants dictate what type and how many pets a property can have on it.

For example, I live in a residential neighborhood that is thirty or more years old. My house is on a single lot. The covenant tells me, I can not modify the garage or driveway. I can have three, 4 legged pets (cats or dogs) and no poultry. Of course I can have one horse on the property as long as it is not a stallion.

In some of the older neighborhoods around town, the covenants are even more restrictive. For example in at least one section of the city, African American and Asian people are not allowed on the property unless they are Slaves. These covenants also have an exclusion with the property as, "White" only.

While no longer enforceable, but still all to present, this is a dirty little secret where I live. I am sure, this problem afflicts tens of thousands homes around the country. I live in a young state as far as States go, and the people of the past had to learn racism from somewhere. The problem is, even though these disgusting covenant entries are thankfully no longer enforceable, unfortunately, for reasons beyond my understanding, they are very difficult to impossible to remove.

I find it incongruous to almost incomprehensible that they remain and are very difficult to impossible get rid of. What brought this on was a very short discussion about, CriticalRace Theory and West Virginia protests.

The reason the discussion was so short was it took less than a minute for tempers to flare, mostly mine. The other half of the discussion believes (because cracker radio told them so) that it is laziness and lack of education that keeps Minority Peoples in the economic wasteland. It wasn't Jim Crow and equal opportunity.

I am not sure where I sit on the Critical Race Theory fence, but actual reading and a long life has led to a few observations. First, what we have been teaching ourselves for the past several hundred years about racism has not been productive. Let's try something new, it can't be worse.

"Brain Viruses", are a real phenomena effecting normal logical thinking by short circuiting the brain into a twisted preset belief system. It looks like Psychology Today at least agrees with me on the general idea. takes the Brain Virus theory even further. In their article, "Why Are Conservatives More Susceptible to Believing Lies?"

The Slate article goes on to cite different reasons why Brain Virus exists. I think Conservatives are more susceptible to believe in lies (collective brain virus'), is conservatives live in a fear based world. In a fear based world, the pie is never big enough for everyone and therefore can not be shared with those deemed non worthy (not like them).

I need to add a sprinkling of religion as religion shares in the blame. The Methodist church is in a painful process of reconciling their dogma against the fact that many of the Methodist Founding Fathers were Slave Holders, and by default promoted Slavery.

Unfortunately, the Adult Version of our History, and that of much of the world has any amount of ugliness to it. Why we can not be adult enough to admit what our real history is, is beyond me. Why these documents named, Covenants, from an ignorant time, are allowed to still reflect thinking of the time they were created is beyond me. We can create legislature to modify Covenants if we only wish to.

Why there is this enormous amount of friction surrounding, Critical Race Theory may be explained by ignorance of recent history. Going back even one-hundred years it is apparent, not a lot has changed in a century. The current historic picture has been smudged to reflect how much we [haven't] changed our thinking.

Methodist's are not the only Religious People who should be having issues with their beliefs verses their actions. How many Christians sit in church and listen to or talk of treating each other with care and respect, saying hello and bumping fists with their pew neighbors, and once in the parking lot, forget the people on the poor side of town and the Homeless People they see daily to and from the drive from their bedroom community and work?

From a high level view we are one little planet surrounded dead space. Instead of arguing and coming to terms with, we need to start doing. Why are we letting outdated thinking run our our communities, our Church and our Covenants?

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