Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Gluten Intorance Aggravated by Eating Beef and Pork?

I had a serious Gluten Intolerance problem for several years discovered as an adult. Even on a gluten free diet, I would still occasionally feel as if I had eaten gluten. Even if the meal was simple, beef, potato and vegetables. My stomach would swell up and my intestines would go through a minor shutdown.

I was talking today to someone with allergies that consults with her Allergy Doctor on a quarterly basis. The result of that conversation surprised me. Internet resources I read, medical and otherwise disagree with what I was told today, but my body tells me a different story.

I gave up eating red meat (beef and pork) a year ago last May. Being gluten intolerant, I was a fairly heavy red meat eater. After about three months of no red meat, I started feeling like I could gluten foods again. At first I did not trust my feelings and refrained from anything with gluten.

One day, we were at a Chinese Restaurant, and I really wanted Orange Chicken. Orange Chicken is breaded and deep fried. I thought about how I felt I could eat gluten again and decided this was as good a time as any to try a gluten food.

My stomach was not thrilled with gluten, and had a little trouble digesting it, but my stomach did not swell up, and my intestines did not go on strike. Over the next weeks, I ate gluten something now and then. Results were the same with one big exception.

All these years of feeling deprived by not being able to enjoy the gluten laden foods most of us eat, I discovered something when I started eating gluten products again. I did not like the taste.

Now, I don't know if it is like the fast food addiction, people in line at fast food service windows seem to have, but I lost my taste for most foods containing gluten. I no longer feel concerned about whether some food may contain gluten or not, as I suffer little other than some stomach feelings of, "I am not happy with this food".


Stockyard Fed Beef - Gluten Heavy Diet

Back to today's conversation. The topic was allergies, and I mentioned my Gluten Intolerance went away some months after giving up eating beef and pork. A person with a lifetime of allergy suffering told me the following:

"My Allergy Doctor told me, "When Cattle and Pigs are sent to the stockyards they are fed a heavy (only?) grain diet to make them put on weight as quickly as possible. Cattle and Pigs may have been Grass Fed up until the stockyard, but that all changes at the stockyard.

Because they are contained in pens and can't really move, and have all the grains they want to eat, their bodies, just like ours store all the excess gluten they are now ingesting through the grains. Unlike us, in the Stockyards, these animals have no way to use the gluten, or get rid of it, it just builds up to staggering amounts in their muscles and fat cells.

When the animals are slaughtered and packaged, the excess gluten deposits are packaged by proxy. Hence when we eat that meat, we are consuming gluten by default. In my case I had a repeating cycles of what appeared to be gluten in my diet even though I knew there was none.""

As soon as the story was finished, it made complete sense to me. Here was an explanation of why I was having what felt like gluten issues when I knew without a doubt there was no gluten in my diet! I was being fed gluten by the beef and pork I was eating!

For the average person who develops Gluten Intolerance and quits gluten products, it takes about six months for our body to rid itself of stored Gluten. Once you burn through the gluten in your muscles, Gluten is also stored in our fat cells, which explains why losing fat inches during dieting makes us feel so horrible.

Whether the Allergy Doctor knows what they are talking about, against commonly held knowledge about Gluten content in beef and Pork, I know two people who believe what he said about the amount of gluten in Stockyard Fed Beef and Pork is true.

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