Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Welcome to the Post Covid Bitching Club

The State is in the process of opening up Businesses. What change isolation has taken place in the people I know! What were friendly fun loving people has really been changed by Covid-19 isolation.

A little groundwork first. We have been isolated for a year or better. About all we were able to do was go to the grocery store, stand in line to get in and walk or run.

Needless to say at first going to the grocery store was stressful. We did not know a lot about Covid-19 and how easily we could be infected. I avoided people as I could and kept a six foot distance. I asked people to move back, and allow me my space. I waited for people in front of me to make the most inane decisions about what brand of cereal they thought they could eat.

Going to the store for me was high stress. At first I came home angry and frustrated over the lines, lack of distancing, and lack of food choices. Eventually, as I learned if I wore a mask, kept my distance, and had patience, life was not that bad. I was only going home from the grocery store and time really did not matter.

Over the rest of the year, I tried to apply this thought to everything. It doesn't matter, I am only going home again to sit in the house until the next time I go out. I was at peace with the world and I still am.

Getting together with friends has been a different story. Restaurants and other businesses have been open only a short time. Every business is short handed, and every business has crowd sizing limitations. 


For myself, I am so grateful for the people willing to work. For most of them, if they contract Covid-19, there is no insurance plan, no paycheck replacement program. They are working on the edge. I understand that, and I appreciate them.

Family and friends however, have been a different story. We went to a Casino which by the way was a little surreal in itself, and had a late dinner from the snack bar. It was obvious, the snack bar was understaffed. One of the cashiers was doing double duty bagging and calling out names of customers to pick up their meal. The second cashier may have been cooking and combining, as she was gone more than she was cashiering.

We order our food, and longer than what would be normal it was called out. First Bitch happened then. There were three orders by our group, and the second person to order got their food last.

Then the inexcusable happened. Whoever put the meal together placed a container of sauce with the meal, they said they specifically did not ask for! More bitching. The third order was incorrect, but the eater was not concerned, "thank God for small favors, I thought".

The sauce complainer was on a roll, and I asked if its inclusion made any difference, other than the need to set it aside. I was told, "I specifically said no sauce!" ...And? I ended the complaining by asking for it. removing it from their sight seemed to put out that fire.

Next evening we went to a dinner house. Same situation only on a larger scale. Our Server had five tables before we sat down. There was not much conversation other than ordering and saying thank you when our food arrived.

Our server stopped (practically) running long enough to see if we wanted refills. One of the people asked her a question, and there was no reply. I thought she had not heard. When it came time to pay the check, the dam holding in the Bitching let loose. "I'm not tipping her because she did not talk to me!" Someone else suggested the server was beyond busy. "That's no excuse, she ignored me, yet had time to talk to the people next to us."

Now, I was starting to boil inside. Bitching with anger about such petty things, when a month ago we were talking on the telephone and trading mundane texts to keep in touch.

The point of my story, is it seems the year of being shut in has effected us all differently. I am calmer and more relaxed, understanding what I can and can not control, and other are smoldering with anger looking for an outlet.

And we occasionally pause to wonder, why we can not just get along...

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