Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Lies and Damn Lies, Conservative "News" Media and the Gossip Channel

 It is difficult to talk about anything other than family with people who listen to White Conservative "news" radio. They ingest "news" that sounds really vital about how the White Race is under represented, or the Black race is getting too much "fake" attention by Liberal News and Liberal Government. They become and remain angry, and anyone not in the inner circle of Cracker Radio, is left to wonder why these people are so angry they are almost drooling.

The problem is with the half lies these radio stations put out as real "News". As soon as the story is exposed as a half lie, the story is dropped as if it was never aired. White Conservative "News Radio" simply moves on the the next mix of outright lies and half truths. It gets really old hearing this stuff second hand by the people who take it as pure fact and refuse to listen to facts.

White Conservative "news" radio's specialty aims for people who rarely or do not use the internet or other news sources. The listening audience does not fact check or compare stories or information for themselves. The audience also never learns much of what they are told is half truth or twisted truth, with only a foot in truth and the rest in lies. Then the lie is dropped, and another lie begins before people spend too much time analyzing what they heard.

The first time I listened to what I think of as White Power radio was Rush Limbaugh as he was just starting out. A friend told me Limbaugh had a lively show. I had listened to three shows, and thought it was alright.

On the fourth show, a man called in identifying himself as black. He proceeded to tear down a few lies Limbaugh had just spouted out minutes before. Limbaugh being a fine proper Cracker, hung up on the man and proceeded into a miniature tirade about the Man's character, upbringing and education.

That was enough for me. When a talk radio host hangs up on a caller and then proceeds to assassinate the caller after 35 seconds of conversation, it is time to evaluate the quality of the program. I flushed Limbough into the trash can where his show belonged, and usually contested what people claimed he said was truth with facts. Of course it is hard to separate the person from what they choose to believe, so I was not popular in some circles.

Last week I was having coffee with someone who was all riled up because 'White Men are imprisoned at over twice the rate of any other race in the country'. Other than the "News" they followed, no one else reported on this fact. My conversationalist claimed it is a "Nation Wide Cover-up by the (Liberal) Media". "Black Lives Matter is getting all the attention and no one is paying attention to the numbers of White Men in the prison system", I was told.

From far away, this looks like a possibility. After all, National News seems to be living for stories of yet another "unarmed Black Man murdered by Police". There is no mention of incarcerated White Men and their plight, possibly because, "Nobody cares and it is covered up" by Liberal media.

A quick look at U.S Census Bureau Quick Facts reveals these seemingly irrelevant to White Conservative's, factoids about population in America:

Race and Origin:

"White alone, percent 76.3%

Black or African American alone, percent(a) 13.4%

American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 1.3%

Asian alone, percent(a) 5.9%"


Race issues were not invented this year

Jumping over to the "Federal Bureau of Prisons" web page shows this smidgen of Inmate Population by Race information:

Inmate Population by Race

"Statistics based on prior month's data -- -- Last Updated: Saturday, 1 May 2021

Asian        2,276    1.5%
Black        58,536    38.5%
Native American    3,610    2.4%
White        87,480    57.6%"

Indeed it is obvious to anyone that White men are the majority of the Prison population in America. It is also obvious that Black Americans are the second largest group of Men in Prison.

There is a neglected fact gleamed from comparing population by prison population, is Black people represent only 13.9% of the population in America, yet account for 38.5% of the prison population.

Put another way, White Men in prison are under represented by 18.7%, Black Men on the other hand are over represented in the prison population by over 25%! Conservative Radio just ignored this minor detail when they did their story.

Looking at other federal statistics, the same disparity is identified for almost any statistic. Of course none of this in mentioned on White Conservative Radio because the audience would find it boring - and not news worthy.

There is also Gossip Television which presents lies as fact. As a matter of note, Pope Francis in September 2020 stated, Gossip is 'a plague worse than Covid'. How much worse are lies passed off as Gossip?

The most recent gossip to assault my ears second hand is about the Gates divorce. According to the person who related the story to me, Mrs. Gates is out to destroy the character of Mr. Gates. Money is irrelevant in this divorce. Mrs. Gates wants to smear the Gates name for eternity by tying Mr. Gates to the now infamous Jeffery Epstein.

What is true about this slanted story is Mrs. Gates was furious after she and Mr, Gates met with Epstein in 2013. Speculation claims the divorce was prompted by Mr. Gates connections with Epstein and Mrs. Gates has been in contact with divorce lawyers since at least 2019. This is not what the Gate's couple shared with the media on their divorcing. Truth once again does not matter.

The true version of the Gates divorce story is about as exciting as a damp towel, so the Gossip Channel has to put imaginary spins on the story to keep it fresh. In other words, the Gossip Channel chooses to lie for viewer count.

Here are a few facts about divorce in America per Hampton Road Legal Services:

"There is 1 divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That's nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year.

The divorce rate for couples over 65 years old has doubled since 1980."

It appears for White Conservative "News" media and the Gossip Channel(s), facts are boring and are rarely news worthy, but lies and false data get gullible people excited and grow viewership. I do not know how these types of Media People can look at themselves in the mirror and be proud of what they see.  Maybe they can't.

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