Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Government Tracking Through Covid-19 Vaccines

 I was in a conversation about Covid-19 the other day. Nothing new there, I am sure everyone spends time in conversation about Covid-19 these days. What was interesting about the conversation was about being tracked by the Government.

A few of the people in the conversation are concerned about being tracked by the Government. One in particular is concerned about a tracking chip being injected with the vaccine.

I listened to their thoughts about how they insist on their privacy, and do not want the Government tracking them in any way, shape or form. The Government is too intrusive already I was told. Letting the Government track them is out of the question. They would rather risk a Covid-19 infection, than get a shot(s) and be protected.

There are very few people who want more Government intrusion their lives, myself included. The less the Government is watching me, the happier I am. I do not want the Government tracking me on my daily rounds, boring as they may be. I do not want the Government in my life any more than is absolutely necessary. I think this is one thought everyone can agree on. We all want as little Government in our lives as possible.

The good news is if you are an average American, the Government could really care less about tracking you. Why bother with tracking, nothing to see here. The Government if they want to and have legal authority can do at least anything an average citizen can do to find information about you.

In fact the Government can collect personal information easily. On the simplest level, there is plenty of information stored everywhere about you called, get ready, sitting down?  In that mysterious place named: Public Records! Even free information from general web searches reveals a multitude of information about you.

At the very least, you have a home address and phone number. You probably have a Facebook account, perhaps Linked-In or other accounts which you had to register for. Odds are most of you, gave real information when you registered on at least one of these accounts, except for the password of course, because you certainly do not want anyone hacking your account and getting your personal information.

Some years ago, I wanted information on someone living in the Eastern part of the United States. The public information where they lived was so available, I even learned the square footage and floor plan of their house and home phone number. I learned where they worked, who they did business with, their personal income, mortgage payments, utility companies  and estimated net worth. And I did not have to dig for this information.

To make it worse (or better), I did not pay a single cent for the information I collected, it was all available via public records. Try it yourself. Do a web search for any valid street address or person. You will come up with a list of homes for sale at the very least. At best one of these sites will provide more information than you imagined possible. Free information is out there about all of us. For a few dollars you can have more personal information. Even more information is out there on you if you do Social Media. Get on one of your accounts and search for a real or imaginary person, see what you find.

Back to Government tracking. You have filed a W2 wage and tax form for personal purposes? You also pay into Social Security? In just a few months, the Government can know what your annual income is, how many days you work a week, how often you call in sick, take vacation, and finally change your job.

Because of tax forms, the Government has records of where you live, perhaps your phone number. Let's not stop there. Your local Utility Companies also have your personal information. Plus they know your credit score, and how promptly you pay your bills. From there they can guess what you own by your bills each month. Let’s not think about what your phone company may be doing with your contact list, text messages and phone calls!

But wait, there is more. Do business with a bank or have a credit card? They have information on you down to minute detail. They know what foods you prefer, your likely grocery list, general spending habits, your general work habits, your days off, and how well you keep up on your bills. Get your paycheck garnished and watch how quickly your credit limit is capped at a very low number, usually less than one-thousand dollars, more likely less than five-hundred dollars.

If you have a Facebook account, Google account, or other account of this type it gets even better. These companies know more about you than you know about yourself. They know your public interests, private interests, and your secret interests.

Thanks to the wonders of big data, it can be determined that if other people do the same five, ten, twenty, or fifty things you do, it is quite likely you do them too even of you do not mention them. If you are close friends with George Sawyer, who hates LGBTQ people, spouts off with left or right leaning comments, is an impulse buyer, frugal or simply average, it is likely you and George Sawyer are two peas in a pod.

At any rate, your social media accounts know all about you, more than the Government ever will, unless you become a serious person of interest. I won't even mention tracking cookies across the web, individual web site cookies, or the personal information your web browser and email program freely shares about you.

There is no need to worry about the Government tracking you. They have no need to track you. If they need any information about you they do not already have, they can get your records from Social media.

If you are using Government tracking by Covid-19 vaccine a reason why you are not getting a Covid-19 vaccine, you live in a very warped world. The Government already has all the information on you they need. Only Social Media needs to collect more every post, read article, or your online friends. The Government is the very least of your privacy concerns.

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