Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pay for a Cashier Business Model is a Win, Win

I had my Grocery Store Cashier rant a few posts ago. I was at a big box lumber store a few days ago, and watched another man have fits about lack of customer service. He was so angry he politely told off the store manager, filmed the long line of customers waiting for service, then called corporate and told them the on duty manager was incompetent. Wow. I thought my little tirade was a singular event. I am happy to see it isn't.

A few lifetimes ago, I worked in the restaurant business. Managers there filled in whatever positions that were short handed. From dishwasher to table waiting, to cooking, the managers did it all to help customer satisfaction remain high. It seems to these nationwide Mega-stores, Store Manager means doing as little as possible to provide customer satisfaction, and instead follow the (incompetent) party line.

In both my experience, and the angry customer's from the other day, both Store Manager's claim they can not get help. They can get help, they just do not want to pay for it.

Why would anyone in their right mind, want to drop unemployment pay to go to work for a lot less money? I know I would not, neither would you. The easiest solution I can think of to keep cashiers working at the checkout is fairly simple.

Businesses these days are extremely shortsighted. They think self checkout is the panacea to Customer flow. Customers pay a hidden surcharge to check out, pay for, and bag their purchases. This should not be the be all, end all state of the customer process. Self check is for the, "Thundering Herd". This is an important concept which Business are missing:

Self Checkout to the left is almost empty, Does that mean anything?

"I am the Customer. If I want a Cashier, provide me with a Cashier."

This concept is simple. Hire people to cashier at a rate of pay they actually deserve to be paid at so they will come off of unemployment. Offer checkout with a Human Cashier for a surcharge. Add fifty cents to a dollar to the final bill for using a Human Cashier. The surcharge will pay the wage increase of the Cashier. Everyone is happy.

This is really obvious. In a worst case day, a cashier should reasonably be able to process five to six customers an hour. Charge each customer one dollar for a cashier fee, and pay the Cashier the surcharge in extra wages.

Any customer wanting a Human Cashier has a big order, or does not want self checkout. That is a customer right. One dollar added to the total bill is not a deal breaker. The cashier is happy because they are being paid an extra tuppence for doing the extra work of working a cash register. The customer is happy because they get what they want. Win, win for everyone.

The issue is, the customer service end of business no longer knows how to innovate, only copy. Businesses are are using the same customer model that has been around forever, and it is failing. Even though it is failing, it is what every business is doing, because every other business is the same way.

Only one business needs to be the first to implement this idea. Within a short time every business will adapt his idea. If you have a business and want new usable, sensible ideas, hire me if you can't figure it out on your own.

Any business that can not innovate is a businesses on their way out of business. Amazon isn't taking business away from main street USA. Amazon knows how to innovate and does innovate. Lack of innovation on main street USA is closing business doors, not Amazon.

If you want to implement this idea, you have my okay, it is a free idea. I am tired of seeing business close because they do have forgotten how to create and innovate.

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