Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pay for a Cashier Business Model is a Win, Win

I had my Grocery Store Cashier rant a few posts ago. I was at a big box lumber store a few days ago, and watched another man have fits about lack of customer service. He was so angry he politely told off the store manager, filmed the long line of customers waiting for service, then called corporate and told them the on duty manager was incompetent. Wow. I thought my little tirade was a singular event. I am happy to see it isn't.

A few lifetimes ago, I worked in the restaurant business. Managers there filled in whatever positions that were short handed. From dishwasher to table waiting, to cooking, the managers did it all to help customer satisfaction remain high. It seems to these nationwide Mega-stores, Store Manager means doing as little as possible to provide customer satisfaction, and instead follow the (incompetent) party line.

In both my experience, and the angry customer's from the other day, both Store Manager's claim they can not get help. They can get help, they just do not want to pay for it.

Why would anyone in their right mind, want to drop unemployment pay to go to work for a lot less money? I know I would not, neither would you. The easiest solution I can think of to keep cashiers working at the checkout is fairly simple.

Businesses these days are extremely shortsighted. They think self checkout is the panacea to Customer flow. Customers pay a hidden surcharge to check out, pay for, and bag their purchases. This should not be the be all, end all state of the customer process. Self check is for the, "Thundering Herd". This is an important concept which Business are missing:

Self Checkout to the left is almost empty, Does that mean anything?

"I am the Customer. If I want a Cashier, provide me with a Cashier."

This concept is simple. Hire people to cashier at a rate of pay they actually deserve to be paid at so they will come off of unemployment. Offer checkout with a Human Cashier for a surcharge. Add fifty cents to a dollar to the final bill for using a Human Cashier. The surcharge will pay the wage increase of the Cashier. Everyone is happy.

This is really obvious. In a worst case day, a cashier should reasonably be able to process five to six customers an hour. Charge each customer one dollar for a cashier fee, and pay the Cashier the surcharge in extra wages.

Any customer wanting a Human Cashier has a big order, or does not want self checkout. That is a customer right. One dollar added to the total bill is not a deal breaker. The cashier is happy because they are being paid an extra tuppence for doing the extra work of working a cash register. The customer is happy because they get what they want. Win, win for everyone.

The issue is, the customer service end of business no longer knows how to innovate, only copy. Businesses are are using the same customer model that has been around forever, and it is failing. Even though it is failing, it is what every business is doing, because every other business is the same way.

Only one business needs to be the first to implement this idea. Within a short time every business will adapt his idea. If you have a business and want new usable, sensible ideas, hire me if you can't figure it out on your own.

Any business that can not innovate is a businesses on their way out of business. Amazon isn't taking business away from main street USA. Amazon knows how to innovate and does innovate. Lack of innovation on main street USA is closing business doors, not Amazon.

If you want to implement this idea, you have my okay, it is a free idea. I am tired of seeing business close because they do have forgotten how to create and innovate.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Low Cost Cell Phone Provider Excels Compared to Major Carrier

 I don't know if America's love of spending two weeks pay on a Cell Phone, and then spending two days pay to pay for the connections and fees, but I have. I own a year old one generation back cell phone that was closer to $1,000 than $500.00. I am with a major provider and spending $70.00 a month for a cell phone connection on a group plan.

As long as I am somewhere with free WiFi, everything works well. Go to a big box store or city side road and I may as well be in the middle of the desert. This has been very troublesome to me. What am I getting for all this money that wasn't available back in the days of wall mounted pay phones? I'm getting broke is all.

I went on the hunt for a cheap cell phone and provider. I had been hearing and seeing advertisements for a well awarded cell phone provider that almost no one has heard of. I wanted to check out their cell phone service. I also did not want to leave my old service unattended for a month as I do need to live in the real world.

After searching the web, I went to a store where this provider exists. They do not have their own stores as far as I am aware. They have a fairly no frills web page. To me this means they are working hard to keep costs down and sharing those savings with their customers. I did wonder if they are keeping costs down on the service they provide.

I purchased the cheapest Android phone they have, about $65.00. I also purchased a monthly service with three gigabytes shared data and unlimited voice and text for about another $28.00. My expectations were pretty low as the total cost for a cell phone and service is only a little more than my connection fees for my primary phone. The service alone, is less than one-third the cost.

This phone is not as fancy as my primary phone. It does however do everything I use my primary phone for, only barely noticeably little slower, like a second or less in the real world. Screen resolution and camera resolution aren't as high as my primary phone, but they are acceptable, to me at least. My few simple games play just fine on this bottom of the barrel phone.

I have spent a few days with one phone in each front pocket. What I am finding is surprising. In the big box stores there is no such thing as dead spots there are with my major carrier. On the road, there is little to no wait for maps to update. When group texts are sent, this cheap little phone and the other phones trade places as to which phone announces the message arriving first. These are high requirements for my cell phone service.

Phone calls connect a second or two seconds slower, and some of my calls when I ask, they say it's not quite the same as they are used to hearing, but, "not bad" either. The only real shortfall is Bluetooth connection to my vehicle. There is noticeable lag when making a call, and calls on my end sound more distant on the other end.

However for the difference in price is amazing. I have a phone costing one-tenth what I paid for my main phone, and a solid connection for one-third of my main provider with only hair splitting differences in service. Especially when what were problem area connections no longer exist with this "new to me" provider.

I have forty-five days to make up my mind or cancel. I will be canceling this service with my $65.00 smart phone. Unless something serious happens, I will create a new account with a sim card for my main phone. Oh, and it looks like I will be dropping my overly expensive lackluster provider. I will write an update in a few weeks about how my experience was. 

In the moment, I feel angry, feeling like I have allowed myself to be robbed for a number of years of illusions, having quality of service go down as the price went up. I think in the cell phone provider industry as in other areas of life, major players have become too fat and lazy. As Bob Dylan sang, "The times, they are a changing".

I am now finding it is a good practice not to be blindly satisfied with the phone and service I have. I will save a lot of real world money over the next years that can go to something more important, like vacation. Paying a few months of paychecks for a cell phone and service provider that offers little or nothing over what is out there, if you are willing to do some research, is over. Take a chance, see what you can do with your cell phone costs.

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Other Easter Celebration

 I created the earth and made all the plants and animals. I gave people a place to live that allowed them to live and prosper in without using a lot of work. Once the population grew large enough, the weather changed, drying up life as they knew it. They were forced to find new ways to feed themselves.

Then the problems started. At first it was petty stuff. Minor theft, lying, things like that. Then alcohol was created quite by accident. Grains and fruit were were rained on, and beer and wine were discovered. Eating plants that made their minds and thinking warped followed.

People were struggling to feed themselves, and became jealous of others for what they thought they were lacking in their life. Men had to compete for mates, food and places to live. Everyone had to find food or work to grow it. Food for the predators became scarce as men started eating meat in place of vanishing grains and fruits. Predators started attacking people as a food source. People learned  fear and violence against others. Not too long after that the first murder was committed.

The first murder caused by jealousy led to other crimes. Crimes against women, crimes against neighbors and especially crimes against strangers. Ownership and taking from the weak started to become a way of life. Peace and cooperation were no longer a major part of most people's thinking.

People started acting so hateful and angry, I decided something needed to be done. What I hoped for my world was not working. People lost their way and direction. As I looked over the world, I could find few people who lived the way they were meant to live. In cooperation and sharing, with respect for one another. I made the decision to wipe out this world and start over. I flooded the world, erasing most people and animals. I gave the world a fresh start.

People who survived now lived as they were intended. They needed each other to survive and thrive. Old ways of life die hard, and it was almost no time, when the problems from the old world were starting to infect my new world. Eventually my new world was every bit as disappointing  as the world before it. It was time to think of another plan. Why do people find it so difficult to manage free will...

I created a plan to send my "Son" to the earth. He lived a happy life. Going to gatherings, weddings, and arranging his own meetings and functions. He enjoyed a happy life, and used this life as a platform to reteach people how they could live. My Son did those things needed to establish credibility and authority among the people. Then he started to teach.

My Son showed people a new world, a better way to live. However I did not want want my Son to be on earth too long, or people would feel they were losing their free will. I determined for him to be on earth about half of a human lifetime.

My Son did warn people with his real message. He told them he was not there to save the world, as people wanted, but to destroy the world. He would create a new world for those that wished to live in it. A world of peace, harmony, bounty and cooperation among men. He told people they had choice. Live in the old world as it is, or become a part of his new world.

To people with closed minds, there was only one world and one way of live. To those that heard and understood my Son's message there was the new world. People could live in the new world, be happy and prosper. Some people listened and understood they were being offered a better way to live, and chose the new world. 

Many people, because they felt threatened by the idea of this new way of life, chose to stay in the old world with all its problems and shortcomings. They were fooled by their idea of freedom and true freedom.

Differences were subtle. Live in the old world, where there was not enough pie for everyone to get their slice, or live in the new world, where everyone's needs would be met. 

Those who chose to live in the old world, saw those living in the new world as meek, helpless and spineless. They did not, and do not understand, might does not make right, and there is enough to go around for everyone if one is willing to let go of old thinking and old ways, letting go of the chains they willingly wrapped themselves in.

I look down on my world now, and the world is changing slowly. More and more people are choosing to live in the new world I created for them. However their life is still difficult because they are forced to live with one foot in the old world and the problems they created.

A world of greed, hate, fear and destruction of all types. My new world is taking root, growing from a carefully nurtured seed into a healthy plant. Rejecting the new world is opting for life of strife, pain and frustration, never having enough. The old world is a life of illusion.

My plan is over time, my new world keeps growing until the old world is completely destroyed. Then all people will be able to live as I intended. Free will is freedom as long as people continue to make better choices. This makes me happy. I am weary of destroying my creations and creating new worlds. I prefer people tend to their world and make it a better place for all people.

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