Thursday, March 11, 2021

Reality Revealed is a Table For One

As much as we crave stability in our lives, the reality we base our world on is not stable. Reality is a table for one. Your reality is different than the reality of anyone you know. That thought is hard to grasp, but it is true.

I was a child, riding in the car and my Mother was driving. I was about eleven or twelve maybe and the strangest thought struck me. I told my Mother, who was used to hearing strange ideas and statements from me, "We each live in our own reality. We share some of our reality with each other, but no two realities are ever identical." Of course my Mother was caught off guard and probably never thought much about reality in her lifetime. Most of us are right there with her.

A few quick examples of our differences in realities are our very individualistic beliefs in: God, Ghosts, UFO's, Bigfoot, and other thoughts and ideas we take for granted. As we identify with a particular thought, group, or religion, we only see our slice of a shared reality.

Ghosts are a great example. Many people believe Ghosts are real. Ghosts become opaque from there on (pun intended). Are Ghosts dead people, are they evil, hostile, intending harm, or helpful and comforting? Are Ghosts solid, ethereal, made of light or something else? Can Ghosts help or harm us? Different thoughts on any subject is what splits our reality away from the reality of others.

We take our version of reality very seriously. We were born and raised in our reality. Our reality was taught to us by our parents, and later by other adults and friends. As we go through life, most of us search out people who share much of the same reality we do. We are most comfortable with people like us.

Reality for the most part resides in our ego. Ego is our view the world. Ego is a finely tuned lens that almost instantly discerns those like us from those not like us. Ego further classifies others on how different they are from us.

We also keep much of our own reality a secret. What if we hear strange noises or voices and no one else does? See apparitions and no one else does? Feel like someone is watching us when we are alone? See visions? We rarely talk about any of these happenings. We learn at an early age from our parents what can be shared and what is private. Drilling down on the aspects of our own reality is a private subject.

If someone is brazen enough to admit to hearing voices, seeing things, or feeling things touching them in public, and act as if it is normal, we see them as mentally unstable at best. It doesn't matter if we have had the same experiences. Our experience was fleeting, their experience is disturbing.

People who hear voices, have invisible people around them or see things may be different from us. What they experience however is as real as what we do not experience. Because we are not experiencing something does not make it unreal.

If you were cloned, your clone would look like you and act like you, but would not be you because your life experiences and emotions can not be duplicated in any detail. Your clone could be raised having many of the same life experiences as you. But your clone would be another person, and not an exact copy of you other than physically. Think about it.

Our world is an interesting place. You can (within reason) be anyone you want and believe anything you want. Once you identify with a belief, you will find strong evidence supporting what you believe. Anything you strongly reject, you will also find supporting evidence of why it is not true.

If you want to be a Hollywood Star you may. If you want to run a business that is there for you too. Family or no family, the choice is yours. You can be an Introvert or Extrovert. You can run away and join a hermitage (if you can find one). Only your Ego sets the limit on what you can currently do. You can even be a UFO hunter if you wish. It can all be yours. Strongly change your mind and your Ego follows.

Our world changes shape to match our beliefs. We only see our beliefs in action safe by our Ego's tunnel vision. Think of the many ways this is phrase is said in many different formats: "Change your thinking, change your world". This common statement said in its many forms is one of the basic tenants of life.

However much we wish to feel we are like everyone else, and think we go through the same struggles and have the same joys in our life, we do not. Our life and our reality is an individualized, personalized experience for us and us alone. We do let people in, but they never see the whole picture of our own personal reality.

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