Tuesday, March 30, 2021

I Use a Microfiber Bath Towel and I Like it

Save money! When money is tight, doing laundry is very expensive. I found something that saves money every laundry day. It is a towel that doesn't get stinky because it dries out quickly. You may wash it in your bathroom sink, wring it out and hang it up to dry. That is one heavy cotton bath towel you no longer have to pay extra to dry at the laundromat or your electric bill!

Nothing earth shattering in itself, but online I found a microfiber bath towel with silver threads in it that make it anti bacterial and anti microbial. Please check this fact for yourself as that is what was written on the package. My towel seems to be what it says.

My total cost was about $15.00 which is steep for a bath towel. I think in about three to four laundry loads, your should break even as you won't be drying big, heavy cotton towels. You can launder it if you wish, but it can not be placed with a normal load and dried with a normal load. Hence the bathroom sink is the best place I have found to wash it.

Using a microfiber towel is different to say the least. It took about three weeks of after shower use before I got used to using mine. I still use a cotton towel to dry my hair, but it is not a bath towel size and my hair is all I use it for.

If you try to use a microfiber towel as a regular towel, you will become quickly frustrated. With a microfiber bath towel, instead of the usual toweling off as you do with a cotton towel, you use a different approach.  Hence the three weeks 'training' for me to get used to it.

Using a microfiber bath towel, you lay the towel on your wet skin. The towel will cling to your wet skin. Wipe your hand slowly across the top of the towel. Unless you are drying a part of your body with bumps and dips, one or two wipes across the top of the towel is all you need to get dry. When your skin is dry, the towel will slide around or fall off. For your back, what I do is pull it over my back like a cape, bend forward, and slowly pull it off my back. I do this twice.

The first couple of weeks this new way of drying off after a shower felt really awkward and I had to pay attention to what I was doing. Now drying off with a microfiber towel is automatic, and I no longer think about it. I find this is quicker than a cotton bath towel as microfiber is really fast and efficient.

I purchased my microfiber towel in a bath size. The company recommended a larger size is not needed and I agree. It would be a waste of money, and maybe no more efficient. I am sure the company would be happy to sell more of their largest towel size, but they are honest in what we really need.

For a savings comparison, the average person likely uses one or two bath towels a week. Washing isn't so bad, but drying time is costly. My microfiber towel with silver threads in it sees the bathroom sink once a week. A (very) little laundry soap, warm water and a rinse or two, and the towel is clean and ready to be used in only a few hours. 

Quite a savings even if you do not need to watch every penny. I have used my new towel for almost three months now, and never want to go back to using heavy cotton towels that get mildew if not carefully dried after each use.

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