Thursday, March 25, 2021

Business Fails Customer Satisfaction at Checkout

 Customer By (03/23/2021 06:40 PM)

I buy groceries at Xxxxxxx. Since it opened it has been the most convenient. Looking at most of the vehicles in the parking lot, and the neighborhoods it is convenient for others too. I shop at Xxxxxxx twice a week, and generally spend between $100 - $150 a week.

I am afraid my Xxxxxxx Grocery shopping is coming to an end. For the third time, I spent over 15 minutes in line waiting to be checked out by a cashier.

Xxxxxxx claims they want to keep people working, but that is not true. There are four cashier registers and only one has been open with the long wait time. I use a cashier because I want my neighbors to keep working.

There are three other grocery stores within two miles of me, and there are delivered groceries from other businesses. I am about to start looking around as I find your customer approach unacceptable.

I may only contribute forty to sixty dollars a week to your income, but over the last decade that has added up. If things do not change soon, that income stream will dry up.

Xxxxxxx wants bigger profits by eliminating jobs. Pretty sad, you talk the talk but do not walk the walk Xxxxxxx.

Hello Michael,

Good afternoon, we hope you are doing well today.

We want to thank you  for providing your feedback about self-checkouts.

While our company tries to find ways to better our customers' needs and to provide great customer service and friendly environment in our stores, we fully understand that not everyone enjoys the self-checkouts. Which when you provide us your feedback this is helpful on real time feedback of a service. We will let our Managers team here know of your feedback of this feature in store#XXXX, in Albuquerque,NM.

The correct Managers team will then review this to see what they would like to do for this store going forward.

We want to thank you for contacting Xxxxxxx where we are always happy to help.

We value our customers feedback and concerns, so we can deliver great customer service in our stores and for our communities.

Best regards,

Xxxxxxx customer care

Wouldn't it be great to feel your comment was read and understood, instead of read and replied to with an unoffensive candied response?

My above comment and the reply are perfect examples. Real People are being replaced by self checkout. Some of my neighbors are out of work now. Self Checkout has it's purpose, but eliminating jobs and frustrating Customers should not be one of them.

Essentially stores with self checkout turn Customers into unpaid employees. Or put another way, Stores get away with charging more for the same product because costs are lowered by self checkout.

With so many source streams available to meet Customer needs and wants, claiming your Store managers are idiots who do not notice they let most of the Cashier Staff go, and there is an unusually long line in the one lane with a Cashier is not an acceptable response. This comment was made about someone who went to college, earned a degree and paid their dues to become a store manager. Yet their Corporate Bosses ponders whether they are incompetent? I really doubt a local store manager is making this decision. This is a corporate decision turned into policy.

I understand the company does not want to put anything in writing to make them responsible or liable. However making your local Store Managers appear to be brain dead is also unacceptable. If I wanted a neutral candied response to my issue, I could have wrote it myself and saved time and energy.

Perhaps the efficient pool of candied response makers in this company should be converted to store floor workers, then they could provide corporate management with a clear picture of Customer issues?

Business does not want to be regulated, and Business certainly does not want Unions. It appears in the short term, this business at least does not want customers who do not line up to self checkout.

If this were just me, I would not mention it as a problem. I have however seen shopping carts of abandoned food that a Customer left because they too are tired of waiting for a real cashier. I also heard their comments and by the third time, I have joined their disgruntled ranks.

Now, corporate bean counters can count the beans, and adjust the prices to absorb losses such as mine and other disgruntled customers. Eventually, bean counting and price adjustments will catch up to businesses such as this, and they will either need to change rapidly or go under.

As I mentioned there are three other grocery stores close by, and there is online delivery. I do not need to do business with any certain grocery store that fails to take my needs into consideration.

In wrapping up, this and other Businesses should know by now, a happy customer tells a few people. An unhappy customer tells the world. Which customer should they prefer?

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