Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Thank You 2020

 It is now 2021 and most people are ready to forget 2020. 2020 is seen as a bad dream or a bad memory. 2020 doesn't rate as a year to remember fondly. People bemoan the lack of physical social interaction, anxiety, boredom, and frustration with the way they are forced to live.

I think 2020 gave Mankind some of the best gifts any generation in several hundred years have enjoyed. Life has slowed down. We became family-centric rather than using family as down time spot between functions. We are able to make serious and personal choices about friends and acquaintances. Do those 300 Facebook friends really make a difference in our life?

On a personal level, we have the opportunity to make any number of small to major changes in our life. We spend more time with our family. By default we spend more time with ourselves. We spend more time either getting into or getting out of our heads.

As we spend time with ourselves, we have time for real introspection. If we were daring enough, we can look at who we really are. We can see what our life means and how we complete our family and friends lives.

2020 Be Gone!

We have the opportunity to understand our dislikes, from eating Brussels Sprouts to our feelings about alternative life styles or the color and cut of someones hair. We have time to learn why we do not have all the answers. We have time to learn older family members have wisdom we have not yet achieved.

We have the opportunity to change the direction of our life. If we want, we have the opportunity to expand our education. Some of us may be back in a formal educations system, taking formal online classes. Others have the opportunity to explore ideas, information, and topics we may not normally pay attention to.

For those who are parents, life took a turn from finding outside ways to fill your children's time, to being a part of your children's time. We now spend time together as a family unit, instead of doing a family drive by.

The freedom 2020 gave us will rarely be enjoyed in future years. Slowly we are found ways to live with ourselves. Found ways to fill our time. We go outside to enjoy being outside. We go walking, running, on picnics, take impromptu trips to local parks. I see families bicycling, roller skating, playing catch, batting, fielding and catching a soft ball together.

The biggest non financial issue we learned to adjust to is change. We were forced to change our lives, change our habits, and learn how to enjoy wearing a face mask, cooking at home.

All in all, 2020 is a gift for the human race. Life slowed down, family and relationships became more important. We had time to know the people we spend a majority of our time with each day. We learn we are not the only person with doubts and faults. Perhaps the best of 2020 is many distractions are removed, and we see each other as we really are. Perhaps we see what we can be if we choose. 2020 gave us choice.

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