Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Rushing Covid-19 Medical Worker Vaccinations May be Catastrophic



Page 15


OPERATIONS – October 29, 2020


                             "4: Critical Populations


CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the National Institutes of Health, and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) are working to determine populations of focus for COVID-19 vaccination and ensure equity in access to COVID-19 vaccination availability across the United States. CDC has established an ACIP work group to review evidence on COVID-19 epidemiology and burden as well as COVID-19 vaccine safety, vaccine efficacy, evidence quality, and implementation issues to inform recommendations for COVID-19 vaccination policy. A key policy goal is to determine critical populations for COVID-19 vaccination, including those groups identified to receive the first available doses of COVID-19 vaccine when supply is expected to be limited.

After a short period of potentially limited vaccine supply, supply will likely increase quickly, allowing vaccination efforts to be expanded to include additional critical populations as well as the general public. Jurisdictions should develop plans to ensure equitable access to vaccination for each of the critical populations identified below."

NPR ran a story on November 5 with the headline, "First COVID-19 Vaccine Doses To Go To Health Workers, Say CDC Advisers". This article ends with a quote from Paul Mango, a top official with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

"We've identified the top 10 hospitals to receive the initial allotment of vaccine," he said. "And as the vaccine becomes more available, we'll add more and more hospitals to that list."

No doubt taken from various Covid-19 Playbooks, on today's edition of the newscast, Democracy Now, airing on PBS last evening, Dr. Monica Peet from the University of Chicago Hospital, stated the Hospital expects all Hospital Workers who have contact with the public will be vaccinated during the first week Covid-19 vaccine is available.

I don't think anyone may argue, that it is not critical our Health Care Workers are vaccinated as quickly as possible. I do have concerns about the timeline from a safety perspective. My concerns stem from the known and unknown potential side effects of the vaccine. Even though these vaccines will be approved, the full list of side effects may not yet be known.

Depending on which vaccine is received first, there have been serious physical symptoms lasting up to 36 hours after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr. Peet stated in Chicago Hospital alone, there are approximately 10,000 Hospital Workers who will be vaccinated. Who is going to tend Hospital Patients if a large number of Hospital Workers are too sick to get out of bed and go to work?

I'm all for the fastest possible vaccination schedule. I do think people responsible for vaccine schedule for our hospital workers do not kill the horse trying to win the vaccination race. I can not think of anything worse, than having one-third or more of any Hospital Staff sick in bed, when all Hospital Staff are currently stretched to the breaking point post vaccination. Who will tend to patients?


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