Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Lies and Damn Lies, Conservative "News" Media and the Gossip Channel

 It is difficult to talk about anything other than family with people who listen to White Conservative "news" radio. They ingest "news" that sounds really vital about how the White Race is under represented, or the Black race is getting too much "fake" attention by Liberal News and Liberal Government. They become and remain angry, and anyone not in the inner circle of Cracker Radio, is left to wonder why these people are so angry they are almost drooling.

The problem is with the half lies these radio stations put out as real "News". As soon as the story is exposed as a half lie, the story is dropped as if it was never aired. White Conservative "News Radio" simply moves on the the next mix of outright lies and half truths. It gets really old hearing this stuff second hand by the people who take it as pure fact and refuse to listen to facts.

White Conservative "news" radio's specialty aims for people who rarely or do not use the internet or other news sources. The listening audience does not fact check or compare stories or information for themselves. The audience also never learns much of what they are told is half truth or twisted truth, with only a foot in truth and the rest in lies. Then the lie is dropped, and another lie begins before people spend too much time analyzing what they heard.

The first time I listened to what I think of as White Power radio was Rush Limbaugh as he was just starting out. A friend told me Limbaugh had a lively show. I had listened to three shows, and thought it was alright.

On the fourth show, a man called in identifying himself as black. He proceeded to tear down a few lies Limbaugh had just spouted out minutes before. Limbaugh being a fine proper Cracker, hung up on the man and proceeded into a miniature tirade about the Man's character, upbringing and education.

That was enough for me. When a talk radio host hangs up on a caller and then proceeds to assassinate the caller after 35 seconds of conversation, it is time to evaluate the quality of the program. I flushed Limbough into the trash can where his show belonged, and usually contested what people claimed he said was truth with facts. Of course it is hard to separate the person from what they choose to believe, so I was not popular in some circles.

Last week I was having coffee with someone who was all riled up because 'White Men are imprisoned at over twice the rate of any other race in the country'. Other than the "News" they followed, no one else reported on this fact. My conversationalist claimed it is a "Nation Wide Cover-up by the (Liberal) Media". "Black Lives Matter is getting all the attention and no one is paying attention to the numbers of White Men in the prison system", I was told.

From far away, this looks like a possibility. After all, National News seems to be living for stories of yet another "unarmed Black Man murdered by Police". There is no mention of incarcerated White Men and their plight, possibly because, "Nobody cares and it is covered up" by Liberal media.

A quick look at U.S Census Bureau Quick Facts reveals these seemingly irrelevant to White Conservative's, factoids about population in America:

Race and Origin:

"White alone, percent 76.3%

Black or African American alone, percent(a) 13.4%

American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 1.3%

Asian alone, percent(a) 5.9%"


Race issues were not invented this year

Jumping over to the "Federal Bureau of Prisons" web page shows this smidgen of Inmate Population by Race information:

Inmate Population by Race

"Statistics based on prior month's data -- -- Last Updated: Saturday, 1 May 2021

Asian        2,276    1.5%
Black        58,536    38.5%
Native American    3,610    2.4%
White        87,480    57.6%"

Indeed it is obvious to anyone that White men are the majority of the Prison population in America. It is also obvious that Black Americans are the second largest group of Men in Prison.

There is a neglected fact gleamed from comparing population by prison population, is Black people represent only 13.9% of the population in America, yet account for 38.5% of the prison population.

Put another way, White Men in prison are under represented by 18.7%, Black Men on the other hand are over represented in the prison population by over 25%! Conservative Radio just ignored this minor detail when they did their story.

Looking at other federal statistics, the same disparity is identified for almost any statistic. Of course none of this in mentioned on White Conservative Radio because the audience would find it boring - and not news worthy.

There is also Gossip Television which presents lies as fact. As a matter of note, Pope Francis in September 2020 stated, Gossip is 'a plague worse than Covid'. How much worse are lies passed off as Gossip?

The most recent gossip to assault my ears second hand is about the Gates divorce. According to the person who related the story to me, Mrs. Gates is out to destroy the character of Mr. Gates. Money is irrelevant in this divorce. Mrs. Gates wants to smear the Gates name for eternity by tying Mr. Gates to the now infamous Jeffery Epstein.

What is true about this slanted story is Mrs. Gates was furious after she and Mr, Gates met with Epstein in 2013. Speculation claims the divorce was prompted by Mr. Gates connections with Epstein and Mrs. Gates has been in contact with divorce lawyers since at least 2019. This is not what the Gate's couple shared with the media on their divorcing. Truth once again does not matter.

The true version of the Gates divorce story is about as exciting as a damp towel, so the Gossip Channel has to put imaginary spins on the story to keep it fresh. In other words, the Gossip Channel chooses to lie for viewer count.

Here are a few facts about divorce in America per Hampton Road Legal Services:

"There is 1 divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That's nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year.

The divorce rate for couples over 65 years old has doubled since 1980."

It appears for White Conservative "News" media and the Gossip Channel(s), facts are boring and are rarely news worthy, but lies and false data get gullible people excited and grow viewership. I do not know how these types of Media People can look at themselves in the mirror and be proud of what they see.  Maybe they can't.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Government Tracking Through Covid-19 Vaccines

 I was in a conversation about Covid-19 the other day. Nothing new there, I am sure everyone spends time in conversation about Covid-19 these days. What was interesting about the conversation was about being tracked by the Government.

A few of the people in the conversation are concerned about being tracked by the Government. One in particular is concerned about a tracking chip being injected with the vaccine.

I listened to their thoughts about how they insist on their privacy, and do not want the Government tracking them in any way, shape or form. The Government is too intrusive already I was told. Letting the Government track them is out of the question. They would rather risk a Covid-19 infection, than get a shot(s) and be protected.

There are very few people who want more Government intrusion their lives, myself included. The less the Government is watching me, the happier I am. I do not want the Government tracking me on my daily rounds, boring as they may be. I do not want the Government in my life any more than is absolutely necessary. I think this is one thought everyone can agree on. We all want as little Government in our lives as possible.

The good news is if you are an average American, the Government could really care less about tracking you. Why bother with tracking, nothing to see here. The Government if they want to and have legal authority can do at least anything an average citizen can do to find information about you.

In fact the Government can collect personal information easily. On the simplest level, there is plenty of information stored everywhere about you called, get ready, sitting down?  In that mysterious place named: Public Records! Even free information from general web searches reveals a multitude of information about you.

At the very least, you have a home address and phone number. You probably have a Facebook account, perhaps Linked-In or other accounts which you had to register for. Odds are most of you, gave real information when you registered on at least one of these accounts, except for the password of course, because you certainly do not want anyone hacking your account and getting your personal information.

Some years ago, I wanted information on someone living in the Eastern part of the United States. The public information where they lived was so available, I even learned the square footage and floor plan of their house and home phone number. I learned where they worked, who they did business with, their personal income, mortgage payments, utility companies  and estimated net worth. And I did not have to dig for this information.

To make it worse (or better), I did not pay a single cent for the information I collected, it was all available via public records. Try it yourself. Do a web search for any valid street address or person. You will come up with a list of homes for sale at the very least. At best one of these sites will provide more information than you imagined possible. Free information is out there about all of us. For a few dollars you can have more personal information. Even more information is out there on you if you do Social Media. Get on one of your accounts and search for a real or imaginary person, see what you find.

Back to Government tracking. You have filed a W2 wage and tax form for personal purposes? You also pay into Social Security? In just a few months, the Government can know what your annual income is, how many days you work a week, how often you call in sick, take vacation, and finally change your job.

Because of tax forms, the Government has records of where you live, perhaps your phone number. Let's not stop there. Your local Utility Companies also have your personal information. Plus they know your credit score, and how promptly you pay your bills. From there they can guess what you own by your bills each month. Let’s not think about what your phone company may be doing with your contact list, text messages and phone calls!

But wait, there is more. Do business with a bank or have a credit card? They have information on you down to minute detail. They know what foods you prefer, your likely grocery list, general spending habits, your general work habits, your days off, and how well you keep up on your bills. Get your paycheck garnished and watch how quickly your credit limit is capped at a very low number, usually less than one-thousand dollars, more likely less than five-hundred dollars.

If you have a Facebook account, Google account, or other account of this type it gets even better. These companies know more about you than you know about yourself. They know your public interests, private interests, and your secret interests.

Thanks to the wonders of big data, it can be determined that if other people do the same five, ten, twenty, or fifty things you do, it is quite likely you do them too even of you do not mention them. If you are close friends with George Sawyer, who hates LGBTQ people, spouts off with left or right leaning comments, is an impulse buyer, frugal or simply average, it is likely you and George Sawyer are two peas in a pod.

At any rate, your social media accounts know all about you, more than the Government ever will, unless you become a serious person of interest. I won't even mention tracking cookies across the web, individual web site cookies, or the personal information your web browser and email program freely shares about you.

There is no need to worry about the Government tracking you. They have no need to track you. If they need any information about you they do not already have, they can get your records from Social media.

If you are using Government tracking by Covid-19 vaccine a reason why you are not getting a Covid-19 vaccine, you live in a very warped world. The Government already has all the information on you they need. Only Social Media needs to collect more every post, read article, or your online friends. The Government is the very least of your privacy concerns.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pay for a Cashier Business Model is a Win, Win

I had my Grocery Store Cashier rant a few posts ago. I was at a big box lumber store a few days ago, and watched another man have fits about lack of customer service. He was so angry he politely told off the store manager, filmed the long line of customers waiting for service, then called corporate and told them the on duty manager was incompetent. Wow. I thought my little tirade was a singular event. I am happy to see it isn't.

A few lifetimes ago, I worked in the restaurant business. Managers there filled in whatever positions that were short handed. From dishwasher to table waiting, to cooking, the managers did it all to help customer satisfaction remain high. It seems to these nationwide Mega-stores, Store Manager means doing as little as possible to provide customer satisfaction, and instead follow the (incompetent) party line.

In both my experience, and the angry customer's from the other day, both Store Manager's claim they can not get help. They can get help, they just do not want to pay for it.

Why would anyone in their right mind, want to drop unemployment pay to go to work for a lot less money? I know I would not, neither would you. The easiest solution I can think of to keep cashiers working at the checkout is fairly simple.

Businesses these days are extremely shortsighted. They think self checkout is the panacea to Customer flow. Customers pay a hidden surcharge to check out, pay for, and bag their purchases. This should not be the be all, end all state of the customer process. Self check is for the, "Thundering Herd". This is an important concept which Business are missing:

Self Checkout to the left is almost empty, Does that mean anything?

"I am the Customer. If I want a Cashier, provide me with a Cashier."

This concept is simple. Hire people to cashier at a rate of pay they actually deserve to be paid at so they will come off of unemployment. Offer checkout with a Human Cashier for a surcharge. Add fifty cents to a dollar to the final bill for using a Human Cashier. The surcharge will pay the wage increase of the Cashier. Everyone is happy.

This is really obvious. In a worst case day, a cashier should reasonably be able to process five to six customers an hour. Charge each customer one dollar for a cashier fee, and pay the Cashier the surcharge in extra wages.

Any customer wanting a Human Cashier has a big order, or does not want self checkout. That is a customer right. One dollar added to the total bill is not a deal breaker. The cashier is happy because they are being paid an extra tuppence for doing the extra work of working a cash register. The customer is happy because they get what they want. Win, win for everyone.

The issue is, the customer service end of business no longer knows how to innovate, only copy. Businesses are are using the same customer model that has been around forever, and it is failing. Even though it is failing, it is what every business is doing, because every other business is the same way.

Only one business needs to be the first to implement this idea. Within a short time every business will adapt his idea. If you have a business and want new usable, sensible ideas, hire me if you can't figure it out on your own.

Any business that can not innovate is a businesses on their way out of business. Amazon isn't taking business away from main street USA. Amazon knows how to innovate and does innovate. Lack of innovation on main street USA is closing business doors, not Amazon.

If you want to implement this idea, you have my okay, it is a free idea. I am tired of seeing business close because they do have forgotten how to create and innovate.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Low Cost Cell Phone Provider Excels Compared to Major Carrier

 I don't know if America's love of spending two weeks pay on a Cell Phone, and then spending two days pay to pay for the connections and fees, but I have. I own a year old one generation back cell phone that was closer to $1,000 than $500.00. I am with a major provider and spending $70.00 a month for a cell phone connection on a group plan.

As long as I am somewhere with free WiFi, everything works well. Go to a big box store or city side road and I may as well be in the middle of the desert. This has been very troublesome to me. What am I getting for all this money that wasn't available back in the days of wall mounted pay phones? I'm getting broke is all.

I went on the hunt for a cheap cell phone and provider. I had been hearing and seeing advertisements for a well awarded cell phone provider that almost no one has heard of. I wanted to check out their cell phone service. I also did not want to leave my old service unattended for a month as I do need to live in the real world.

After searching the web, I went to a store where this provider exists. They do not have their own stores as far as I am aware. They have a fairly no frills web page. To me this means they are working hard to keep costs down and sharing those savings with their customers. I did wonder if they are keeping costs down on the service they provide.

I purchased the cheapest Android phone they have, about $65.00. I also purchased a monthly service with three gigabytes shared data and unlimited voice and text for about another $28.00. My expectations were pretty low as the total cost for a cell phone and service is only a little more than my connection fees for my primary phone. The service alone, is less than one-third the cost.

This phone is not as fancy as my primary phone. It does however do everything I use my primary phone for, only barely noticeably little slower, like a second or less in the real world. Screen resolution and camera resolution aren't as high as my primary phone, but they are acceptable, to me at least. My few simple games play just fine on this bottom of the barrel phone.

I have spent a few days with one phone in each front pocket. What I am finding is surprising. In the big box stores there is no such thing as dead spots there are with my major carrier. On the road, there is little to no wait for maps to update. When group texts are sent, this cheap little phone and the other phones trade places as to which phone announces the message arriving first. These are high requirements for my cell phone service.

Phone calls connect a second or two seconds slower, and some of my calls when I ask, they say it's not quite the same as they are used to hearing, but, "not bad" either. The only real shortfall is Bluetooth connection to my vehicle. There is noticeable lag when making a call, and calls on my end sound more distant on the other end.

However for the difference in price is amazing. I have a phone costing one-tenth what I paid for my main phone, and a solid connection for one-third of my main provider with only hair splitting differences in service. Especially when what were problem area connections no longer exist with this "new to me" provider.

I have forty-five days to make up my mind or cancel. I will be canceling this service with my $65.00 smart phone. Unless something serious happens, I will create a new account with a sim card for my main phone. Oh, and it looks like I will be dropping my overly expensive lackluster provider. I will write an update in a few weeks about how my experience was. 

In the moment, I feel angry, feeling like I have allowed myself to be robbed for a number of years of illusions, having quality of service go down as the price went up. I think in the cell phone provider industry as in other areas of life, major players have become too fat and lazy. As Bob Dylan sang, "The times, they are a changing".

I am now finding it is a good practice not to be blindly satisfied with the phone and service I have. I will save a lot of real world money over the next years that can go to something more important, like vacation. Paying a few months of paychecks for a cell phone and service provider that offers little or nothing over what is out there, if you are willing to do some research, is over. Take a chance, see what you can do with your cell phone costs.

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Other Easter Celebration

 I created the earth and made all the plants and animals. I gave people a place to live that allowed them to live and prosper in without using a lot of work. Once the population grew large enough, the weather changed, drying up life as they knew it. They were forced to find new ways to feed themselves.

Then the problems started. At first it was petty stuff. Minor theft, lying, things like that. Then alcohol was created quite by accident. Grains and fruit were were rained on, and beer and wine were discovered. Eating plants that made their minds and thinking warped followed.

People were struggling to feed themselves, and became jealous of others for what they thought they were lacking in their life. Men had to compete for mates, food and places to live. Everyone had to find food or work to grow it. Food for the predators became scarce as men started eating meat in place of vanishing grains and fruits. Predators started attacking people as a food source. People learned  fear and violence against others. Not too long after that the first murder was committed.

The first murder caused by jealousy led to other crimes. Crimes against women, crimes against neighbors and especially crimes against strangers. Ownership and taking from the weak started to become a way of life. Peace and cooperation were no longer a major part of most people's thinking.

People started acting so hateful and angry, I decided something needed to be done. What I hoped for my world was not working. People lost their way and direction. As I looked over the world, I could find few people who lived the way they were meant to live. In cooperation and sharing, with respect for one another. I made the decision to wipe out this world and start over. I flooded the world, erasing most people and animals. I gave the world a fresh start.

People who survived now lived as they were intended. They needed each other to survive and thrive. Old ways of life die hard, and it was almost no time, when the problems from the old world were starting to infect my new world. Eventually my new world was every bit as disappointing  as the world before it. It was time to think of another plan. Why do people find it so difficult to manage free will...

I created a plan to send my "Son" to the earth. He lived a happy life. Going to gatherings, weddings, and arranging his own meetings and functions. He enjoyed a happy life, and used this life as a platform to reteach people how they could live. My Son did those things needed to establish credibility and authority among the people. Then he started to teach.

My Son showed people a new world, a better way to live. However I did not want want my Son to be on earth too long, or people would feel they were losing their free will. I determined for him to be on earth about half of a human lifetime.

My Son did warn people with his real message. He told them he was not there to save the world, as people wanted, but to destroy the world. He would create a new world for those that wished to live in it. A world of peace, harmony, bounty and cooperation among men. He told people they had choice. Live in the old world as it is, or become a part of his new world.

To people with closed minds, there was only one world and one way of live. To those that heard and understood my Son's message there was the new world. People could live in the new world, be happy and prosper. Some people listened and understood they were being offered a better way to live, and chose the new world. 

Many people, because they felt threatened by the idea of this new way of life, chose to stay in the old world with all its problems and shortcomings. They were fooled by their idea of freedom and true freedom.

Differences were subtle. Live in the old world, where there was not enough pie for everyone to get their slice, or live in the new world, where everyone's needs would be met. 

Those who chose to live in the old world, saw those living in the new world as meek, helpless and spineless. They did not, and do not understand, might does not make right, and there is enough to go around for everyone if one is willing to let go of old thinking and old ways, letting go of the chains they willingly wrapped themselves in.

I look down on my world now, and the world is changing slowly. More and more people are choosing to live in the new world I created for them. However their life is still difficult because they are forced to live with one foot in the old world and the problems they created.

A world of greed, hate, fear and destruction of all types. My new world is taking root, growing from a carefully nurtured seed into a healthy plant. Rejecting the new world is opting for life of strife, pain and frustration, never having enough. The old world is a life of illusion.

My plan is over time, my new world keeps growing until the old world is completely destroyed. Then all people will be able to live as I intended. Free will is freedom as long as people continue to make better choices. This makes me happy. I am weary of destroying my creations and creating new worlds. I prefer people tend to their world and make it a better place for all people.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

I Use a Microfiber Bath Towel and I Like it

Save money! When money is tight, doing laundry is very expensive. I found something that saves money every laundry day. It is a towel that doesn't get stinky because it dries out quickly. You may wash it in your bathroom sink, wring it out and hang it up to dry. That is one heavy cotton bath towel you no longer have to pay extra to dry at the laundromat or your electric bill!

Nothing earth shattering in itself, but online I found a microfiber bath towel with silver threads in it that make it anti bacterial and anti microbial. Please check this fact for yourself as that is what was written on the package. My towel seems to be what it says.

My total cost was about $15.00 which is steep for a bath towel. I think in about three to four laundry loads, your should break even as you won't be drying big, heavy cotton towels. You can launder it if you wish, but it can not be placed with a normal load and dried with a normal load. Hence the bathroom sink is the best place I have found to wash it.

Using a microfiber towel is different to say the least. It took about three weeks of after shower use before I got used to using mine. I still use a cotton towel to dry my hair, but it is not a bath towel size and my hair is all I use it for.

If you try to use a microfiber towel as a regular towel, you will become quickly frustrated. With a microfiber bath towel, instead of the usual toweling off as you do with a cotton towel, you use a different approach.  Hence the three weeks 'training' for me to get used to it.

Using a microfiber bath towel, you lay the towel on your wet skin. The towel will cling to your wet skin. Wipe your hand slowly across the top of the towel. Unless you are drying a part of your body with bumps and dips, one or two wipes across the top of the towel is all you need to get dry. When your skin is dry, the towel will slide around or fall off. For your back, what I do is pull it over my back like a cape, bend forward, and slowly pull it off my back. I do this twice.

The first couple of weeks this new way of drying off after a shower felt really awkward and I had to pay attention to what I was doing. Now drying off with a microfiber towel is automatic, and I no longer think about it. I find this is quicker than a cotton bath towel as microfiber is really fast and efficient.

I purchased my microfiber towel in a bath size. The company recommended a larger size is not needed and I agree. It would be a waste of money, and maybe no more efficient. I am sure the company would be happy to sell more of their largest towel size, but they are honest in what we really need.

For a savings comparison, the average person likely uses one or two bath towels a week. Washing isn't so bad, but drying time is costly. My microfiber towel with silver threads in it sees the bathroom sink once a week. A (very) little laundry soap, warm water and a rinse or two, and the towel is clean and ready to be used in only a few hours. 

Quite a savings even if you do not need to watch every penny. I have used my new towel for almost three months now, and never want to go back to using heavy cotton towels that get mildew if not carefully dried after each use.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Business Fails Customer Satisfaction at Checkout

 Customer By (03/23/2021 06:40 PM)

I buy groceries at Xxxxxxx. Since it opened it has been the most convenient. Looking at most of the vehicles in the parking lot, and the neighborhoods it is convenient for others too. I shop at Xxxxxxx twice a week, and generally spend between $100 - $150 a week.

I am afraid my Xxxxxxx Grocery shopping is coming to an end. For the third time, I spent over 15 minutes in line waiting to be checked out by a cashier.

Xxxxxxx claims they want to keep people working, but that is not true. There are four cashier registers and only one has been open with the long wait time. I use a cashier because I want my neighbors to keep working.

There are three other grocery stores within two miles of me, and there are delivered groceries from other businesses. I am about to start looking around as I find your customer approach unacceptable.

I may only contribute forty to sixty dollars a week to your income, but over the last decade that has added up. If things do not change soon, that income stream will dry up.

Xxxxxxx wants bigger profits by eliminating jobs. Pretty sad, you talk the talk but do not walk the walk Xxxxxxx.

Hello Michael,

Good afternoon, we hope you are doing well today.

We want to thank you  for providing your feedback about self-checkouts.

While our company tries to find ways to better our customers' needs and to provide great customer service and friendly environment in our stores, we fully understand that not everyone enjoys the self-checkouts. Which when you provide us your feedback this is helpful on real time feedback of a service. We will let our Managers team here know of your feedback of this feature in store#XXXX, in Albuquerque,NM.

The correct Managers team will then review this to see what they would like to do for this store going forward.

We want to thank you for contacting Xxxxxxx where we are always happy to help.

We value our customers feedback and concerns, so we can deliver great customer service in our stores and for our communities.

Best regards,

Xxxxxxx customer care

Wouldn't it be great to feel your comment was read and understood, instead of read and replied to with an unoffensive candied response?

My above comment and the reply are perfect examples. Real People are being replaced by self checkout. Some of my neighbors are out of work now. Self Checkout has it's purpose, but eliminating jobs and frustrating Customers should not be one of them.

Essentially stores with self checkout turn Customers into unpaid employees. Or put another way, Stores get away with charging more for the same product because costs are lowered by self checkout.

With so many source streams available to meet Customer needs and wants, claiming your Store managers are idiots who do not notice they let most of the Cashier Staff go, and there is an unusually long line in the one lane with a Cashier is not an acceptable response. This comment was made about someone who went to college, earned a degree and paid their dues to become a store manager. Yet their Corporate Bosses ponders whether they are incompetent? I really doubt a local store manager is making this decision. This is a corporate decision turned into policy.

I understand the company does not want to put anything in writing to make them responsible or liable. However making your local Store Managers appear to be brain dead is also unacceptable. If I wanted a neutral candied response to my issue, I could have wrote it myself and saved time and energy.

Perhaps the efficient pool of candied response makers in this company should be converted to store floor workers, then they could provide corporate management with a clear picture of Customer issues?

Business does not want to be regulated, and Business certainly does not want Unions. It appears in the short term, this business at least does not want customers who do not line up to self checkout.

If this were just me, I would not mention it as a problem. I have however seen shopping carts of abandoned food that a Customer left because they too are tired of waiting for a real cashier. I also heard their comments and by the third time, I have joined their disgruntled ranks.

Now, corporate bean counters can count the beans, and adjust the prices to absorb losses such as mine and other disgruntled customers. Eventually, bean counting and price adjustments will catch up to businesses such as this, and they will either need to change rapidly or go under.

As I mentioned there are three other grocery stores close by, and there is online delivery. I do not need to do business with any certain grocery store that fails to take my needs into consideration.

In wrapping up, this and other Businesses should know by now, a happy customer tells a few people. An unhappy customer tells the world. Which customer should they prefer?

Lies and Damn Lies, Conservative "News" Media and the Gossip Channel

 It is difficult to talk about anything other than family with people who listen to White Conservative "news" radio. They ingest &...